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SystemSoft AS




The entry to SystemSoft AS; a small consultancy located in Asker (Borgen) Norway.

Our Vision

"We solve your problems!".

Our Mission

To become a preferred consultancy within development of embedded real-time systems. 


SystemSoft AS is a member of The Collaborative, Analog Devices' Third Party Program for Embedded Processor & DSP Applications with special competence within uClinux for Blackfin, and ADSP-21xx, ADSP-BF5xx (Blackfin), ADSP-21xxx (SHARC) processor families.

We have edge competence regarding hardware-related implementation on various DSP-, and microprocessor platforms (e.g. Texas Instruments Ti63x, Analog Devices 21xx, Power PC, Motorola MC68x).

We have broad experience within low-level communication protocol development.

Keywords such as UML, RoseRT, TTCN-2, TTCN-3, MSC, SDL and Telelogic Tau are essential. 

Development of drivers, applications, and embedded adaptations under Linux (e.g. Ubuntu, Redhat, Debian, uClinux on Blackfin) has become important areas for us during the past years.

Development processes such as The Integrated Method (TIMe) and Rational Unified Process (RUP/ERUP) are well known to our consultants. 

On-site training within the areas mentioned are organized by SystemSoft AS' employees.

Over the past years, our staff of consultants have participated in the development of 2G (GSM) and 3G (UMTS) mobile networks.

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Contact Information

+47 66905122
+47 95086888
+47 66905122
Postal and office address
Borgentoppen 61, 1388 BORGEN
Electronic mail
General Information: firmapost@systemsoft.no
Webmaster: postmaster@systemsoft.no


Send mail to postmaster@systemsoft.no with questions or comments about this web site.
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